Why Your Hotel Needs a Cloud-Based PMS: A Smart Move for Your Hotel

Why Your Hotel Needs a Cloud-Based PMS 2024

In the ever-evolving ecosystem of the hospitality industry, the choice of integrating a Property Management System (PMS) / Hotel Management System (HMS) can significantly influence the efficiency, profitability and growth of hotels. Even in today’s tech-driven age, a plethora of establishments both new and old, continue to opt for on-premise, non-cloud PMS software, which although traditional has been rendered outdated due to its notable drawbacks. 

Breaking the peripheries of conventional Hotel PMS, the Cloud Revolution is proactively conquering the world of hospitality segment. Designed specifically to effectively manage diverse aspects of hotel operations from a single dashboard, Hoteliers synergizing cloud-based PMS possess the opportunity to foster a long legacy of refurbished management, transcending the bounds of guest satisfaction.  

1. Cloud-based PMSMitigating the Hassle of Higher Set-Up Costs

Initial set-up costs with on-premise HMS pose a substantial financial burden, particularly for new hotels entering the market. However, the emergence of Cloud-based PMS not only provides a more economical alternative, but also eliminates the need for on-site servers which reduces upfront investments.

With its lucrative economic positioning, Cloud PMS has become an attractive option for both new and existing establishments seeking to optimize expenses.

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2. Eliminating the Model of Huge One-Time License Fee 

Traditional on-premise HMS providers often charge a significant one-time license fee, which further coupled with monthly or yearly subscription costs, hinders a majority of new and old hotel players from leveraging the prowess of any Hotel PMS software.

Facilitating the development of a refined Hospitality landscape, cloud-based PMS operates on a subscription-based model, offering a predictable and scalable pricing structure.

This makes it easier for hotels to employ, budget and allocate resources effectively, fostering sustainable growth without the burden of large upfront fees.

3. Countering the Fear of Regular Data Loss

Although existing hotels for so long have relied on conventional on-premise HMS, these local servers fail to safeguard against data breaches, posing a constant risk of data loss due to system corruption or unforeseen events.

Undoubtedly transition is never easy, especially due to the comfort associated with it, but Cloud-based PMS ‘ability to provide robust data encryption and regular backup processes have delivered existing hotels with the impetus to make this transition.

Marked by ensuring the integrity and reliability of hotel data, cloud-based property management software will offer peace of mind to owners and managers.

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4. Overcoming Limited Accessibility Outside of Hotel Premises

For so long hoteliers utilising on-premise systems have been denied the luxury of remote management. Since conventional Property Management Systems restrict access to hotel data and features solely within the premises, it proves to be an unwanted burden in age permeated by remote work and flexibility.

Cloud-based PMS, however, allows owners and managers to access critical information remotely. This flexibility not only enhances the scope of management but also enables decision-makers to stay connected and make informed choices from anywhere, contributing to operational efficiency.

5. Decoding Incompatibility Issues with Other Systems 

Hoteliers leveraging traditional PMS systems are well aware of the incompatibility issues which not only hampers the system’s efficiency but makes hotels vulnerable to additional expenses incurred while integrating third-party apps.

By using cloud-based property management system which can handle integration with other systems, hotels can unlock increased visibility, enhanced reputation and reduced operational costs.

Seamless integration allows hotel staff to access data from one centralised dashboard, which in return accelerates the delivery of heightened guest experience and revenue potential.      

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Cloud- Based PMS – A Pinnacle of Excelling Hotel Management 

In a world where adaptability and efficiency are crucial for success, transitioning from on-premise HMS to a cloud-based PMS emerges as a strategic move for hotels.

Beyond cost savings and enhanced security, the shift unlocks new possibilities for management and decision-making.

Whether you’re a new player in the hospitality industry or a seasoned establishment, embracing cloud technology is a step towards future-proofing your operations and providing an unparalleled guest experience.


1. Is it challenging for existing hotels to switch to cloud-based PMS?

While challenges may exist, many cloud PMS providers offer seamless migration processes to make the transition smooth for existing hotels.

2. How does cloud-based PMS ensure data security against system corruption?

Cloud PMS employs robust data encryption and regular backup processes, minimizing the risk of data loss due to system corruption.

3. Can cloud-based PMS be customized to suit the specific needs of a hotel?

Yes, most cloud PMS solutions offer customization options to tailor the system to the unique requirements of each hotel.

4. Are there long-term contracts associated with cloud-based PMS subscriptions?

The subscription model of cloud-based PMS often provides flexibility, with options for monthly or yearly commitments.

5. What support is available for hotels making the transition to cloud-based PMS?

Reputable cloud PMS providers typically offer comprehensive support, including training and assistance during the implementation process.

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