Perks of Using an Automated Revenue Management System 2024

Using an Automated Revenue Management System

For any industry, especially the realm of hospitality, numbers speak a better story than any other narrative, making revenue management correspondent to more than just growth. As the world fastracks into the digital age, it’s time for hoteliers to start thinking about automating their revenue operations, with an automated revenue management system, all set to bolster their numbers to elevated heights. 

While the proliferation of revenue management systems have been slow, the ability to handle multiple income flows, diversification of portfolio, and unmatched support, have been adding to their recent traction. Apart from being instrumental in price optimization and marketing, the end-to-end billing has streamlined workflows, allowing the staff to become more efficient, and cater to guests in the most finesse way. 

Automation Takes Over Revenue Management System

The formulation behind a revenue management system is quite simple, layed in the blend of art and science, it’s all about selling the right rooms to the right guests at the right time, most importantly at the right price. Being an efficient management system, an RMS opens doors for hoteliers to manage the revenue cycle more effectively. 

As automation penetrates deeper, an automated revenue management system (ARMS) is a software which can streamline revenue operations, enabling hoteliers to optimise the costs associated with income operations. Delving beyond revenue management, an ARMS, improves decision-making, manages the inventory, and also increases profitability. 

Here are some reasons for using an Automated Revenue Management System,             

Reducing Invoice Processing Time  

By implementing an ARMS, hoteliers can cut down 10% to 40% of invoice processing time, as the system completes all the required tasks without any human intervention. Due to which, it frees up time, allowing hotel’s staff to focus on complex tasks, while raising the standards of creativity and productivity. 

With a streamlined routine, an automated revenue management system ensures that billing operations flow seamlessly, without being plagued by speed breakers. Not to mention, but an expedited invoicing process, enables hotels to become a guest favourite, by delivering a smooth journey until the end. 

Automation for Ensuring Accuracy

Billing errors can have a serious impact on hotels, from tarnishing the reputation to even causing revenue loss in some cases. At the same time, resolving such mistakes manually takes precious time away from the staff, who need to focus on vital tasks, but also does not guarantee that the same errors won’t occur again. 

In tandem, automation within the revenue management system reduces the likelihood of billing errors, such as miscommunication, miscalculation, misfiling, when entering data manually. With an ARMS, hotels can minimise the risk of overpayment, or underpayments, allowing guests to have top-notch experience throughout their stay. 

Crystal-Clear Billing Operations

Discrepancy in the bills is a problem that no hotelier ever, even wants to dream about. Having said that, it can cause severe consequences, making track of cash flow a prudent choice for high efficiency of the hotel. An ARMS helps keep an eye on every billing cycle taking place within the property. 

With real-time updates, live monitoring, and report generation, it keeps hoteliers in the loop about their current status of payments. Not only does it offer greater control over finances, but helps in preventing unauthorised access to financial data, whilst also reducing the risks of data breaches in the future. 

Automation Driving Operational Efficiency 

Within the tapestry of processing invoices, mistakes are inevitable, but manually correcting each and every mistake is more than exhausting. Additionally, it puts other critical tasks on hold which significantly tampers with the operational efficiency of the hotel, but by utilising an automated revenue management system, hotels can get rid of such bottlenecks. 

By leveraging the power of just a few clicks, revenue management automation enables hotels to bill their guests, validate checks, preview invoices, and maintain recurring charges. With every task becoming automated, hotels can add to their operational efficiency, while taking guest communication to new levels.     

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Accelerate Digital Revolution 

Simply stating, automation within billing operations is synonymous to digitisation across the entire hotel’s operation. Eliminating the need for paper trails, and storage cabinets, it allows all essential data to be stored in a comprehensive digital file, facilitating better coordination among different departments. 

Meanwhile, it also fosters a collaborative environment amongst the hotel, as anyone with authorised access can view and retrieve data, send it further to requisite departments. Likewise, it also means hotels have to longer worry about loss of data, as digitised RMS, organise, categorise, and archive all guest and hotel’s data alike. 

Nevertheless, an automated revenue management system works wonders, especially when it comes to providing greater control over finances. Enabling hotels to improve their revenue performance, it optimises revenue operations, streamlines communication, and increases productivity. Thus, with automation hotels can focus on their core business processes while ensuring that billing operations run seamlessly without having to worry about payment errors. 

Revenue Management Automation is a remarkable opportunity for both small and large hotels alike. If you want to discover the benefits of automated revenue management, which features end-to-end billing software, it’s time you reach out to our expert to get detailed insights about Revivo’s automation revenue management system. 


1. What is a revenue management system?

A revenue management system is a software which allows price optimization and marketing, along with the end-to-end billing which streamlines workflows, enabling the staff to become more efficient, and cater to guests in the most finesse way. 

2. What is the main function of RMS?

To simply jot it down, the main function of RMS without a doubt is to sell the right rooms to the right guests at the right time, most importantly at the right price, for ensuring the efficacy of the revenue cycle. 

3. What are the benefits of RMS?

RMS comes without countless benefits, from reducing invoice processing time, accelerating digital transformation, driving operational efficiency to ensuring accurate and transparent billing operations, the list goes on and on.    

4. Why choose an automated revenue management system?

Automated revenue management system (ARMS) delves beyond mere revenue management, as it specialises in improving decision-making, manages the inventory, and also increases profitability, which makes it the obvious choice.  

5. Who should integrate an RMS?

Hoteliers who are looking forward to automate their revenue operations, and elevating their numbers to new heights, whilst maintaining a competitive edge, should definitely employ a revenue management system.

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