Top Secrets to Fill Hotel Rooms Last Minute 2024

Top Secrets to Fill Hotel Rooms Last Minute

There is nothing more travellers love than last-minute good deals, which is why a significant portion of them wait for hotels to offer special discounts and deals. Additionally, last-minute booking websites have made this job extremely easy, as guests get cost-effective deals, and are also saved from paying any cancellation charges in case of change of plans. 

While it’s certainly clear that these last-minute bookings are a jackpot for guests, Fill Hotel Rooms is it the same for hotels as well? Well these last-minute bookings are usually offered by Fill Hotel Rooms that tend to remain unoccupied, as an avenue to fill hotel rooms to boost occupancy, increase revenue and satisfy guests with discount booking deals. But, how can hotels offer these last minute deals is a question that remains at the top of the list. 

Effective Secrets to Scoring Last Minute Deals for Fill Hotel Rooms  

Hotels are well-aware of the fact that the key to increased revenue and occupancy, is Fill Hotel Rooms as possible, for which they are on the lookout for new avenues that can help in offering great booking deals

1) Providing last-minute deals:

Create discounted deals and special packages just days before guests check-in which will encourage them to make these Fill Hotel Rooms. In addition, make sure to display these last minute deals on all OTAs and channels to ensure maximum traction and occupancy

2) Optimise mobile bookings:

Since majority of bookings are made through mobiles, it makes sense for hoteliers to design a user-friendly mobile app, which can be used to seamlessly navigate the booking process, and will nudge users to book-last minute deals as per their convenience.   

3) Offer limited-time offers:

In order to bring forth a sense of urgency amongst potential guests, offer them with limited-time offers and flash sales through an array of channels including social media, email-marketing, banners and much more. 

3) Ensure flexible cancellation policies:

There are many cases wherein last-minute bookings are often cancelled, and the cancellation charge associated with the same hampers guests from opting the above option. To prevent this ensure guests have access to cancellation policies that are either flexible or have minimum penalties. 

4) Target Business Travelers:

Hotels should customise marketing plans for business travellers as they tend to make last-minute bookings because of changing schedules, immediate meetings or even lack of time for planning. 

5) Sharpen SEO search for last-minute bookings:

Hotel businesses need to update their SEO strategy and use the correct words that correspond with last-minute bookings to bring the web page up in search results. 

6) Partner with local organisers:

This is the ultimate home-run for hotels looking forward to filling hotel rooms at the last minute, as these local organisers can help you connect with attendees who are in search of last-minute accommodations. 

Top Secrets to Fill Hotel Rooms Last Minute
Top Secrets to Fill Hotel Rooms Last Minute 2024

7) Keep a check on competitive pricing:

When it comes to Fill Hotel Rooms no guest wants to pay more than what is required, to make sure that is how it works, hotels need to offer a competitive pricing and monitor the same at all times. 

8) Collaborate with travel agents:

By partnering with travel agents and offering them with lucrative incentives, hotels can get access to larger agencies, which tend to deal with large-scale on-demand bookings.  

9) Connect with previous guests:

As hoteliers you need to leverage the power of emails, and newsletter which can help you be in touch with previous guests, whilst encouraging them to book on such short notice with special offers.      

On the one hand all these solutions can help you fill in hotel rooms at the last-minute, but there are certain drawbacks that need to be taken into account. 

Negative Impact of Last-Minute Bookings 

First and foremost, Fill Hotel Rooms  can make revenue management difficult,as hotels have to change the room rate on the spot which can alter the overall hotel revenue. At the same time, hotels are more prone to risk of over-bookings, as they may accept last minute reservations without having a clue about real-time availability. 

In addition, these Fill Hotel Rooms can also interfere with hotel’s ability to manage hotel operations effectively especially during peak hours, with delayed services and mismanagement of resources. Last but not the least, meeting the needs of those who book in rush and future bookings becomes complicated, as the inventory may not be upto the mark. 

However,  don’t let this be a reason to stop you from offering last-minute deals and maximising your occupancy, as all these challenges can be managed by implementing smart technologies.    

How Hotel X CanTurn Last-Minute Challenges into Opportunities?

In the dynamic world of the hospitality industry, filling hotel rooms at the last-minute is the key to ensuring revenue maximisation and increasing hotel occupancy. But this also comes with a strain of overbooking, which can be averted with Revivo’s Hotel X, as its smart booking feature allows guests to make booking seamlessly with a secure payment gateway. This goes a long way in attracting guests and turning them into last-minute travellers

Thus, collaboration with Hotel X can lead hotels on a journey of profitability and can help them operate successfully in the long-run. Connect with us today, to start your free trial.


1. Do hotels release rooms last minute?

Yes, hotels do release last minute rooms which are typically the rooms that tend to remain unoccupied.

2. How do you fill a hotel?

The best way to fill a hotel is to offer last-minute bookings which can encourage guests to book rooms, and hotels can always advertise the same through their various communication channels.  

3. Is booking last-minute cheap?

Yes, booking last-minute can often be cheap, as hotels usually offer special discounts on such deals to maximise hotel occupancy.  

4. How can hotels optimise last-minute bookings?n

Hotels can optimise last minute bookings in a number of ways, which can include, offering limited time-offers, updating the SEO game, partnering with local organisers and travel agents amongst others.  

5. How can Hotel X help? n

With Hotel X’s smart booking feature, guests can make booking seamlessly with a secure payment gateway which goes a long way in attracting guests and turning them into last-minute travellers.

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