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Hotel Management

Without any doubt Hotel Management can be an extremely juggling task, but with the right hospitality management system, everything will seamlessly fall into place. As a Hotelier, we’re sure your dreams are made of breezy check-ins, flawless room service, enhanced guest experience, which is now a reality, thanks to the unparalleled power of Hotel X, the one-stop hotel management software. 

Hotel X is a specialised software designed to streamline and automate various facets of the hotel management cycle. Rooted within the very essence to solve hospitality management challenges, whether it’s market adaptability or operational hassles, Hotel X is geared to help you navigate the nuances of property management, whilst enabling you to exceed guest expectations at every turn. 

Here’s how you can make use of Hotel X to unlock unprecedented growth, 

Easy-To-Manage Booking Engine 

For any hotel, managing bookings manually can be a cumbersome task, but with Hotel X’s in-built booking engine, hotels can immerse in the pleasures of easily manageable reservations, featuring both organised lists and calendar view as per the user’s convenience. Even more, Hotel X’s booking engine has opened access to single click check-ins and check-outs, upgrade or downgrade rooms, or even merge bills of services, allowing Hotels to create a streamlined booking experience. 

Effective Channel Manager 

When the question of How to use Hotel X comes up, the answer can be found in its endless features, including its channel manager. Leveraging AI power, it carries the potential for automatic rate updation, which allows hotels to unlock maximised visibility and revenue optimisation, whilst preventing over and underbooking. Thus, hotels making use of Hotel X’s channel manager can achieve the highest possible room rates and effectively update room availability across all OTAs. 

Integrated POS Capabilities 

Within the avenues of using Revivo’s Hotel X, hoteliers surely can’t miss out on its POS capabilities. Designed by keeping in mind the need to effectively manage diverse on-site amenities including restaurant, bar, lounge etc, Hotel X POS can expeditiously create multiple POS for multitude services, from taking orders to printing Kitchen Orders (KOTs). As far as its integration capacity goes, it can attach bills of different departments to the room bill itself, and can also be integrated with food ordering apps, elevating profitability. 

Unmatched Housekeeping Services 

If you’re not using Hotel X for housekeeping, then you’re leaving behind the potential of unmatched housekeeping. At the core of Hotel X, lies the unwavering commitment to offer top-notch housekeeping, as Revivo truly believes housekeeping is the soul of Hospitality. With automated assignment of room cleaning services to staff, real-time notifications about the progress, delays, or even maintenance requests, Hotel X enables hotels to excel their guest satisfaction game. Furthermore, it offers detailed reports of the highest to the least performers, allowing hotels to reward and enhance performance accordingly.   

Dashboard Management

As we all know, hospitality management is a cumbersome task, and even more is the management of different dashboards for diverse departments. Having said that, Hotel X is renowned for its dashboard management, which empowers hoteliers to easily navigate through multiple dashboards through easy-to-see and comprehend visual graphics. The graphical representation of data makes it much more smooth to gain crucial insights into the Key Performance Indicators, allowing for data-driven improved decision making. 

Embedded CRM tool 

Customer Relationship Management is paramount within the domains of hospitality management, which is why Hotel X features an embedded CRM tool, which can be utilised by Hotels to enhance guest experience. Hotel X CRM comes with a 360° view of guests, enabling hotels to offer personalised offers and targeted market campaigns based on the guests past interactions and preferences. Additionally, by storing special requests made by the guests during their previous stay, it can alter the services accordingly beforehand, allowing for guest loyalty. 

Automated Inventory

The issue of overstocking and stock wastage has been plaguing the hotel industry for decades, but with Hotel X, you get to say no more. Characterised by the dynamic orderbook, which can effectively help hotels manage their inventory on the basis of seasonal demand, past records, current bookings, while matching them with the right vendor at the right time. By sorting out the problem of choosing the right vendor, Hotel X empowers hotels to indulge in inventory management. 

Easy Accounting 

As a hotelier, you must be well aware about the taxing process of conventional accounting, which is marked by daunting manual entries. Irrespective of the size of the hotel, errors in financial accounting can have severe repercussions, incurring additional cost and loss of profitability. In tandem, Hotel X leverages automated billing, eliminating the need for manual entries. Betting on seamless extraction of data from invoices, Hotel X truly does streamline the accounting process.

From the simplicity of expedited check-ins to the personal touch that has been added to every service, Hotel X has reshaped the definition of eminent hospitality. As we peek further into the future, it’s evident that by embracing such tech wizardry hotel applications, hoteliers can stay ahead of the competitive curve. 

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1. What is Hotel X?

Hotel X is a Hospitality Management software designed by Revivo technologies that specialises in effective hotel management, steamling and automating various facets of Hotels.

2. What level of support does Hotel X offer?

Hotel X is an easy-to-use and integrated system, but its team offers unparalleled support every step of the way. With free trial, demos, and even training, along with a customer team that solves queries immediately, hoteliers never have to worry about support.

3. What Languages Does HotelX support?

Currently, Hotel X supports English, but we’re in the process of adding new languages, making usage and integration more easy for our users.

4. How Revivo’s Hotel X can help you?

Revivo’s Hotel X can help you in ways beyond imaginable. Whether it’s managing the inventory, bookings, customer relationships, accounting, POS, there is literally nothing that is beyond Hotel X’s capabilities.  

5. Who can use Revivo’s Hotel X Software?

Hotel X is a software made by Hoteliers for Hoteliers. Having understood the pain points of the industry, Hotel X is made for all ambitious Hoteliers who want to indulge in the prowess of automated hotel management, and unlock growth.   

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