Hotel Housekeeping Tips: Room Cleaning Ideas 2024

Hotel Housekeeping Tips Room Cleaning Ideas 2024

Irrespective of whether you’re running a five star hotel or a small cosy inn, no guest would want to stay in a hotel where every section of the property is permeated by poor presentation and mismanagement. As a result, having an effective hotel housekeeping team and strategy becomes the magical elixir to keep the establishment clean and crystal.

Being the soul of the hospitality industry, the hotel housekeeping department is tasked with responsibility to ensure effective functioning of property by keeping every facet exceptionally tidy and comfortable. Elevating guest expectations every step of their stay, hotel housekeeping remains the paramount force driving the curation of stellar experiences. 

Ascent of Hotel Housekeeping

If you still think people visit hotels only for stays, then it is our job to tell you, you’re doing it all wrong. Rather, this journey is all about creating exquisite memories with their loved ones, which can seamlessly flow into memorable experiences, backed by the aesthetically pleasing environment. And who do you have to thank for this; the hotel housekeeping department. 

With their efforts, your guests are able to enter the premises of a magical experience, filled with blooming flowers welcoming their arrival, polished marble floors that mirror their astonishment, and crystal-clear surroundings that cherish the soul.

Bestowed with the power to make your guests fall in love with your hotel upon first glance, hotel housekeeping excels guest expectations, driving the profitability of your property.           

Significance of Hotel Housekeeping 

When a guest arrives at the hotel, their first point of contact after the check-in process is with staff of hotel housekeeping, making them the entity that can either make or break your hotel management.

Since your guests will always keep meeting the housekeeping staff whether it’s for asking for a pillow or arranging extra toiletries, it becomes crucial that the staff is courteous, and polite in communicating with the guests.

No matter how hard you try to keep your hotel spick and span, certain problems can always arise on the go, calling for the immediate need of hotel housekeeping.

In such cases guests have high expectations and minute patience, so hotels need to ensure that their housekeeping staff is well-trained to answer all the guest queries and be adept at resolving all those complaints on the go. 

While it’s clear that the housekeeping department is responsible for cleaning the rooms, meeting guest demands on their beck and call, ensuring the property shines bright with its presentable environment, they also play an instrumental role in making guests feel special.

By maintaining the hotel’s hygiene, they meet guest expectations making them feel satisfied which preserves the hotel’s reputation and guarantees their return in the future. 

Now, coming down to the main agenda, here’s a checklist for latest housekeeping tips, 

Add a Dash of Specialty

When it comes to hotel housekeeping, almost everyone dusts and wipes, to ensure that both the room, and the rest of property looks hospitable and presentable. But this fails to add distinction to your hotel’s housekeeping services in any way possible.

However, hotels leveraging the power of incorporating tiny little details into their housekeeping services such as, a bouquet of flowers, scented candles, or printing a questionnaire for their feedback, can leave a lasting impression on guests, surely standing out from the crowd.

Pay Attention to the Tiny Things 

To make sure your hotel is evergreen, hotel housekeeping needs to equally pay attention to the tiniest details which can incur dust, germs, and frustrate the guests. Start the process by cleaning all the surfaces inside out, especially the lampshades, doorknobs, lightboards and switches.

Don’t forget to wipe down windows, mirrors and shiny surfaces, and also use vacuum cleaners wherever required to get every ounce of the dirt away from the property

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Switch to Sustainable Products  

With guests becoming increasingly eco-consciousness, they’re often worried by the usage of harmful chemicals which are used by hotel’s housekeeping staff. Instead it’s time that hotels switch to sustainable cleaning products, which are not only biodegradable, and will satisfy your guests, but will also make your hotel an active participant in combating climate change.

Here’s to keeping the hotels both clean and healthy, with eco-friendly products such as, microfiber towels, natural disinfectant sprays, nontoxic air filters, and green cleaning apparatus. 

Harness Automated Housekeeping Dashboards

The most remarkable phenomenon that has changed the face of hotel housekeeping is the advent of automated housekeeping dashboards. Mitigating the problems of housekeeping mismanagement, in terms of room allotments, shift allocations, and service time, automated housekeeping dashboards open doors to staff augmentation, which ensures the right room is allotted to the staff either on a rotational basis or floor-wise pattern.

Additionally, it allows hotel managers to monitor the progress and receive real-time notifications for customer queries, making way for timely resolution. 

It’s important for hoteliers to understand that if they keep on ignoring the vertices of hotel housekeeping, they will continue to lose out on great opportunities. Needless to say, housekeeping is the essential ingredient that can elevate your guests’ stay, taking your hotel to new horizons. 

At Revivo we truly believe that housekeeping is the soul of hospitality management, for which we offer you with our automated housekeeping management software, ready to streamline all your housekeeping operations.           


1. How can hotels elevate their housekeeping?

By leveraging the power of incorporating tiny little details into their housekeeping services such as, a bouquet of flowers, scented candles, or printing a questionnaire for their feedback, hotels can elevate their housekeeping services.

2. What is the need for hotel housekeeping?

The need for hotel housekeeping goes merely beyond cleaning, as it is the soul of hotel management, it carries the potential to make your guests fall in love with the property, exceeding their expectations at every step. 

3. Why is Housekeeping important?

To sum it up, housekeeping is important because it helps hotels in creating a positive first impression, handling guest complaints effectively, and leaves the guests happy and satisfied.

4. What should be a must have in a hotel housekeeping checklist?

When it comes to hotel housekeeping checklists, the must have should be to pay attention to the tiniest details of property, and ensure they are cleaned and properly maintained.

5. Why choose Housekeeping Softwares?

Automated housekeeping dashboards open doors to staff augmentation, which ensures the right room is allotted to the staff either on a rotational basis or floor-wise pattern, mitigating the issues of mismanagement.  

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