9 Impactful Changes Your Hotel Needs to Make in 2024

Changes to make in hotels

Over the past few years, the Hospitality Industry has seen it all from a complete business halt to an exponential spike. Amid this roller coaster ride that the hotel industry has been on, guest expectations are through the roof, making it mandatory for hotels to up their standards at every step of the experience. New travel trends from health and wellness tourism to nostalgic escapes are all set to make their way into 2024’s Hospitality Industry. 

Against the backdrop of 2024’s travel trends, the ICRA estimates that premium hotel occupancy will reach 70-72% in 2024, with average room rates expected to be around Rs 6000-6200. In tandem with this, Hoteliers need to make certain impactful changes in 2024 that will be rooted in making the guest experience immaculate. For this year, by making ‘change is the only constant’ their mantra the Hospitality Industry can propel beyond horizons. 

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Changes to make in Hotels

Effective Communication Channel 

It’s high time that you stop wondering about what’s there to improve in terms of communication, it’s not the communication that you’ve to change but the channel altogether. Long gone are the days of having in-person conversations with the guests, whether it’s related to booking updates or customer service. 

Today Hotel Financial Software have come a long way, especially with the integration of seamless communication channels. With auto-responses, FAQs, and chatbots, guests can instantly get their queries raised and resolved, saving both time and resources (staff). By simply integrating them within the tech stack, hotels can elevate their communication strategy.

Refined Marketing Funnel 

It’s a well-known fact that marketing has evolved beyond merely selling the service, in 2024 hotels need to change the way they market their hotel. Travellers and guests today lean towards hotels that have a much better connection with their audience, which is why hotels need to switch from generic marketing to human-behaviour-based marketing.  

By understanding human behaviour, Hotels will stand a chance to exactly know what intrigues their potential and existing guests, and accordingly, they can create effective marketing campaigns. Further, by determining which marketing channel your guests use the most, hotels can leverage that to create quality leads and later convert them.                              

Refurbished Operations 

Amid changed traveller preferences, guests are actively seeking expedited and seamless service, from check-in to in-room dining making it pivotal for Hoteliers to improve their operational methodologies, in order to smoothly cater to guests. It’s the bitter truth that these complexities shouldn’t be an excuse to compromise on guest experience. 

In tandem, Hotel management systems have changed the entire game, as they help Hoteliers seamlessly connect all services through one unified dashboard making it extremely simple for guests. Not only does it ensure a simplified experience for all services, it also provides expedited delivery. 

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Hotel Management System 

Entering 2024 without a hotel property management system is the last thing that any Hotelier should do. Switching to a Hotel PMS is the key to unlocking exponential growth, driven by eminent services and excelling guest satisfaction. While making the switch, you must choose a system that covers everything. 

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A dynamic Hotel Property management System Softwares will not just manage booking but will allow Hoteliers to interconnect every department, allowing you to run the hotel with ease through a single dashboard. Focusing on every single area of the hotel operation, Hotels PMS (accounting software for hospitality industry) will help manage point-of-sale outlets, whilst improving the hotel’s performance via essential reports. 

Upskilling Sales Cycle

Hotel profitability and sales strategy go hand-in-hand, and in 2024 improving the sales cycle will directly impact the way a hotel converts a lead into a guest and later repeat the success. Being clueless about the concept of the sales cycle, will not help any cycle, as they continue to operate on a broken sales strategy. 

The first and foremost step is to understand is that you can no longer sit idle and wait for guests to come to your hotel, instead you have to make that happen. Create a system through which the hotel gets discovered, intrigues people, turns them into leads, and finally guests. 

Cutting-Edge Technologies

With changed guest preferences over the years, cutting-edge technology can play a vital role in catering to diverse guests based on their individual needs. Guest-facing technology, namely self-check-in kiosks, can go a long way in reducing the dependency of the guests on the hotel staff. 

Apart from reducing dependency, guest-facing technologies will enable guests to avail a plethora of services all by themselves. With everything becoming guest-centric and optimised, guest-facing technologies will make a great impact in making your hotel stand out in the competitive year of 2024. 

Opulent Ambiance

Ambience has always been a paramount element for hotels to allure guests, and in 2024, it is going to either make or break the deal. As a hotelier, if you want to offer a positive experience to your guests, it is recommended to relook at your hotel’s ambience and find opportunities to make improvements.

When redecorating it is essential to remember that the hotel’s ambience must align with both the hotel brand and guest expectations. With a successful redecoration, Hotels will be able to enhance the overall guest experience, whilst driving more reservations and ultimately the hotel’s success. 

Revenue Management

The importance of revenue management cannot be understated, if your hotel is not betting on it then it is indeed lagging. While some hotels fail to believe in revenue managements, others are doing it in a completely wrong way, due to which Hotel PMS integrated with revenue management is actively becoming a disruptive force. 

Increasingly becoming a necessity, revenue management enables accommodation businesses worldwide to become considerably profitable. It’s important to note that revenue managements is more than just increasing prices, it involves determining the right opportunity, the right target guest and the optimal price based on market demand. 

Unparalleled Amenities

The fundamental aspect about wanting amenities is the value mindset, when people pay for a stay in the hotel, they judge the value of it by other things that are on the offer. Being a factor that has been constant throughout the years, offering the right amenities will be an impactful change for hotels in 2024. 

In 2024, hotels will continue to have guests who expect more than just a room to stay in. However, offering all amenities is not necessary, when it comes to providing amenities, begin by picking the ones that cater to all guests and later include the ones that will surely enrich the experience of the guest.   


The conventional methodologies of running a hotel are no longer going to benefit in the long run and will eventually put hotels in a difficult state. But there’s nothing to be worried about if you’re staying abreast with all the new trends and technologies. By constantly improving and changing, whilst keeping a tap on everything latest, Hoteliers can help in  making their hotel stand out in the industry. 

To help you navigate the tumultuous grounds of the Hospitality Industry, make Revivo’s Hotel X your indispensable asset. A Hotel Property Management System that is rooted in delivering impeccable results, helping Hotels improve at each step.                          


1. What is the future of hospitality in 2024?

The future of hospitality in 2024 will be benchmarked with a series of nine impactful changes, from communication to Hotel PMS which will enable hotels to deliver the best.  

2. How do you think hotels will be different in the future?

In the forthcoming year, the hospitality industry will witness new travel trends, namely health and wellness tourism, nostalgic escapes etc. Against which, hotels will actively adopt a robust hotel management system.  

3. How can hotels be improved?

With changed guests preferences, it is imperative that hotels continue to improve. Improvement should always come by keeping abreast with latest trends, and integrating them to offer elevated guest experience.  

4. How can the hotel industry improve efficiency?

Efficiency is paramount to the hotel industry and the best way to enhance efficiency is by employing a hotel property management system, which can improve efficiency in all operations from revenue to sales management.    

5. How do you manage a successful hotel?

The key to managing a successful hotel is not just about hiring quality staff and delivering best services, it also lies in robust management, which is now possible with Revivos’ Hotel X all-in-one Hotel PMS.    

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