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Revivo - The Best Hotel Booking Engine

Within the intricacies of the Hospitality Industry, delivering an immersive guest experience is always considered paramount, and the advent of the Hotel Booking Engine has enabled Hoteliers to form a long-lasting impact from the initial meeting itself. The beginning of a lasting relationship between hotels and guests stems from the ethos of a seamless booking experience. 

However, in recent times marked with heightened customer expectations, many hotel booking engines have failed to deliver a smooth experience, proving to be fragmented against the competitive landscape of online travel agencies (OTAs).

In tandem with the proliferation of OTAs, Revivo’s first-hand field survey revealed – only 2-3% of guests use Hotel booking engines, while almost 99% of guests have actively switched to OTAs, as their preferred online channel managers for hotel bookings. 

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Decoding the Backdrop of Conventional Hotel Booking Engines 

Against the backdrop of OTAs, conventional hotel bookkeeping software are failing to maintain their competitive edge. Despite them charging 20-30% of the revenue share, hotels continue to integrate themselves with third-party channels, since a majority of guests have showcased increased traction towards OTAs. 

Despite the Hospitality Industry being an ever-evolving sector, conventional hotel booking engines have been unable to evolve with time.

Characterised by a lack of authenticity, complex user experience, vulnerable payment infrastructure, and zero booking guarantee, traditional hotel booking engines miss out on creating a memorable interaction from the beginning itself. 

OTAs- Behind the Rise lie the Current Challenges  

Capitalising on creating a user-friendly booking framework that has opened avenues for seamless booking experience, OTAs have been able to make a formidable mark on guests.

However, as the curtain ascends, it’s visible that OTAs have contributed to reducing hotel’s profits, as they are unable to offer real-time information regarding rates and inventory, resulting in rate and inventory disparity, which further culminates into issues of over-bookings and down-bookings.

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Adding more to its downsides is the fact that while OTAs may deliver a seamless booking experience, they are unable to offer rate comparisons from different channels, which hampers guests from attaining the best possible deals.

Additionally, customer reviews and ratings are imperative when it comes to hotel booking, in regards to which OTAs can only offer ratings posted on their particular platform, refraining customers from achieving a comprehensive review of the hotels.

The hotel industry is no exception to fraudulent activities, and the lack of robust verification and authentication measures has further aggravated the same.

Marked by the lack of security, there has been a steady rise in the number of impostors posing themselves as hotel owners, which has resulted in the rise of booking and payment frauds. Thus, in today’s vulnerable market landscape, it is pivotal to have a secure booking engine, which ensures the safety of both hotels and guests alike.

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Revivo’s Hotel Booking Engine 

After witnessing the inefficiencies of current booking engines, Revivo has emerged at the forefront, ready to bring forth a ground-breaking hotel engine that is rooted in offering the best services to both Hotels and Guests alike. 

  1. Hotel Centricity: Alleviating the burden of additional costs, Revivo’s Hotel Booking engine is based on a 0% commission model, which will enable hotels to offer the cheapest price on their own website. Furthermore, it obviates the hassle of overbookings and down-bookings, as it offers real-time notifications regarding inventory, making sure that bookings take place only after inventory checks. 
  2. Upfront Hotel Information: Elevating the meaning of immersive customer experience, Revivo’s Hotel booking engine has opened doors to rate and rating comparison. It clearly presents real-time prices and reviews that are displayed on other platforms like Make My Trip, Booking.Com, Agoda, etc allowing guests to attain a holistic overview of the hotel, and then move forward with their bookings. 
  3. User-Friendly Interface: It’s an understatement to say that a user-friendly interface not only leaves an impact on the users but also helps in retaining them as customers. With clear photos, real reviews and rates, instant booking summaries, and multi-language support, Revivo has cracked the code of curating a user-friendly interface. 
  4. Robust Payment Gateway: Leveraging India’s most trusted payment gateway, Razorpay, which verifies not only a hotel’s location, documents, and services but also the authenticity of the owner, Revivo’s booking engine has left no space for payment fraud. Additionally, it offers multi-currency support, allowing hotels to cater to diverse international tourists effectively. 
  5. Expedited Check-In Provision: Delving beyond traditional booking services, Revivo’s booking engine specialises in delivering expedited services, starting from the provision of Express check-in. With express check-in, guests will be relieved from long waiting lines and exhausting paperwork, delivering them with a top-notch experience right from the start. 
  6. Eminent Customer Support: Since Revivo will act only as the platform offering a robust hotel engine, guests will be able to connect directly with the hotel in regards to any queries, special requests or even complaints. By eliminating the third-party interface, Revivo has opened doors to single-party communication. 
  7. Beyond Booking Journey: While most hotel booking engines only offer interactions limited to the booking process, Revivo technologies booking engine evolves beyond that, offering a journey that continues forward. At every step of the cycle, it offers instant reminders and updates, helping guests stay updated throughout their stay. 
  8. Dual Edge: By offering feedback services to guests, it helps them express their experience making them feel heard and their opinions valued. At the same time, it enables hotels to get a clear picture of their weak points, which pushes them to improve their services. 

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Revivo has successfully launched its revolutionary Hotel Management software – Hotel X. Adding more to its mission of spearheading the Hospitality Industry, Revivo is coming with a comprehensive hotel booking engine. 

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