5 Problems Solved by Hotel Channel Management Software 2024

Channel Management Software

Hotels with monumental OTA presence are bound to think that hotel channel management Software is a battle, difficult to win, especially when done manually. Being prone to errors, delays,  and miscalculations, hotels start losing hope, as the result can often lead to overbookings or underbookings, incurring reduced occupancy levels, revenue loss, and lastly reputational damage.  

Now, hotels no longer have to worry about losing, as the augment of hotel channel channel management software marks a transformative beginning.

Specialising as a system; that, in real-time, automatically updates room rates across all connected hotel distribution channels, subsiding the risk of double or lower bookings, hotel channel management software streamlines hotel operations like no other. 

Adept at solving the problems of hotel channel management, this remarkable application has made an indelible mark in the realms of hospitality management

Mitigates the Issue of Manual Data Entry and Overbookings with Hotel Channel Management Software

With conventional channel management, hotels have to manually enter the reservation details across all OTAs which takes up valuable time and resources.

Even more, in cases of rate changes, hotels have to update the rates across all distribution channels, ensuring that guests view updated information.

Given that hotels are hustling-bustling places, the window to do all this is not huge, making the task vulnerable to delay, errors, which can include the same room being booked twice, causing unnecessary conflicts. 

Having said that, a hotel channel management software leverages automation capabilities, which automatically updates room availability and rate changes across all OTAs, mitigating manual reconciliations.

With an integrated model, it not only displays real-time availability and reserved and cancelled bookings, but also effectively communicates the same data to other channels, and Best hotel management softwares, eliminating the possibility of loss of time, overbooking, and underbooking.   

Resolve Limited Distribution and Visibility

For long, traditional channel management has been a game of mismatch, leading hotels to choose distribution channels that may not be suitable for their market or guests, causing hotels to lose their profitability.

Moreover, relying on these manual hotel distribution channels is never going to do any good, as their limited access to global markets and diverse customers, incur customers with reduced visibility. 

Nevertheless, an automated channel manager allows hotels to connect with both local and international booking channels which enhances its visibility and reach. With the right channel manager, hotels can access OTAs, global distribution systems (GDS), and metasearch engines.

By creating a diverse mix of high-performing and suitable distribution channels as per the hotelier’s objectives, it allows hotels to reap maximum visibility and revenue benefit. 

Overcomes Poor Reporting and Performance Tracking 

When it comes to manual channel management systems, the daunting truth that stands strong, is the fact that these systems lack the notions of reporting, analytics, and performance monitoring.

Without these core functions, such systems set hotels up for failure leading to serious problems of inefficient operations and bookings. 

In today’s time Hotel Channel Management Software come with in-built tools that allow hotels to track their performance across all channels and OTAs.

Furthermore, the insights offered by modern channel managers via the power of data analytics, enables hotels to create enhanced distribution, pricing and marketing strategies. 

Improving Guest Communication and Experience

Within traditional channel managers, there is no room for effective guest communication due to the absence of a streamlined data collection process, which in return also tampers with the delivery of stellar guest experience.

Additionally, the manual entries regarding availability and room rate changes, lead to delays in updated information further aggravating the gap of improper communication between hotels and guests. 

In order to bridge the communication gap between hotels and guests, an automated channel manager can compile all guest data, and reservation details from multiple OTAs, and embed it into one centralised dashboard, making communication with guests a lot easier.

At the same time, by offering  real-time updates on room availability and rates,it ensures guests receive accurate information, leading to effective communication from the start. 

Enhance Scalability and Unlock Future-Proofing with Channel Management Software

While we have already witnessed that management of multiple distribution channels and OTAs with traditional management is time-consuming and error-prone, their lack of scalability and future proofing then altogether stands at another level.

Their limited integration capabilities, and inability to adapt to changing technology and dynamics, make them unfit for diverse markets, hampering a hotel’s scalability and long-term future. 

In tandem, a hotel channel management software leverages upon its centralised dashboard, which allows hotels to streamline operations and scale easily as the number of distribution channels increases.

With seamless integration with both key hotel systems and other demographics, it can enable the hotel to foray into foreign geographies, while also providing actionable insights for future planning. 

Having learned about how a Hotel Channel Management Software resolves critical channel management challenges, it’s time you see its potential in real-time.

So what are you waiting for, connect with Revivo to integrate the best hotel channel manager, which features:

  1. Intelligent Pricing and Availability Control   
  2. Efficient Monitoring and AI-based Performance Tracking 
  3. Seamless Integration with Multiple OTAs and Key Hotel Systems 
  4. Real-Time Alerts and Updates 
  5. Variety of Customization Options

And much more…


1. Are Hotel Channel Managers worth it?

After going through this blog, you will definitely agree investing in a hotel channel manager is worth every penny.

2. What is the best channel manager software?

In terms of choosing the best hotel channel management software, there’s no better option available than Revivo’s AI-powered channel manager.   

3. Is Revivo’s Channel Manager free?

Revivo’s channel manager follows an extremely competitive pricing, and offers a free trial to hotels ready to make the switch. 

4. What are the key benefits of a Hotel Channel Manager?

With a channel manager, hotels get to indulge in automatic rate and room updation, seamless integration with OTAs and other systems, effective guest communication, increased visibility and distribution, and whatnot.     

5. What is a Hotel Channel Management Software?

A CMS, is a software which in real-time, automatically updates room rates and availability across all connected hotel distribution channels subsiding the risk of double or lower bookings. 

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