10 Enticing Activities That Hotels Can Use to Attract Guests

10 Enticing Activities for Hotels to Attract Guests

Amongst the fiercely competitive Hospitality Industry, several hotels have carved a distinctive niche in attracting guests even during off-seasons. As a hotelier, it’s obvious you might be wondering how these elite chains are able to attract guests. Well, the answer is quite simple, it’s not a secret ingredient but a series of enticing activities that can go a long mile in attracting guests for hotels.  

It’s not always about comfortable or luxurious stays; it’s about making an experience that leaves a lasting impression, even after the guests leave. Before we delve into specific activities, it’s imperative for a Hotelier to understand the hotel’s target audience, be it their interests or preferences. By identifying them, you can tailor your hotel strategies for attracting customers to align with the desires of your guests. 

With meticulous attention to detail, you can offer an immaculate experience from a seamless check-in to an expedited check-out. Begin this journey by connecting with the guests emotionally.

For instance, a family-centric hotel designing eminent experience must involve kid-friendly activities and amenities, whereas a business-oriented hotel can excel by offering high-tech amenities, meeting spaces and uninterrupted internet connectivity.     

Here are some of the Best Ideas for Attracting customers to your Hotel, 

Attracting Customers to your Hotel

1. Impress Visitors before their Arrival

What hotels fail to comprehend is that the guest experience doesn’t begin from the moment guests check-in but it initiates from the very second guests enter the hotel’s premises.

Keeping that in mind hotels need to start curating a magical experience from the moment a guest steps foot in their property. To effectively do the same, begin by offering specially curated welcome drink flavours that will tantalise diverse guests’ palettes.

Go a mile further by offering them an entire tour of the property, and rest assured your guests will be impressed from the moment they arrive. 

2. Train your staff to deliver World-Class Service

It’s a known fact that a hotel’s reputation isn’t merely built by just its ambience, services, food or even amenities but by its top-notch staff.

Having said that, impressing guests in the hotel industry is not a complicated equation, but a simple interplay of eminent staff delivering world-class service can have a significant impact on leaving a lasting impression on the guests.

By simply training the staff to display excellent hospitality etiquette, and delivering robust customer service at every step of the way, your hotel can beat the cycle of downturn, with guests actively booking your property driven by utmost hospitality. 

3. Maintain Excellent Room Services

In today’s age, guests desire swift and personalised service, especially when it comes to room service. By being behind that curve you’re just detecting easy brownie points that you could attain, and herald as a world-class Hotel.

With a Hotel PMS, you can not only integrate diverse room services within one unified dashboard but can also improve the efficiency and speed of the services. As for personalization, capitalise on your guest’s preference or eleven special occasions.

For instance, if it is a couple celebrating their anniversary, you can offer them a romantic in-room dining experience, such personalised services are bound to leave an indelible mark. 

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4. Offer better rates with recreational facilities

No guest can resist a fantastic deal. Hotels that go the extra mile with exclusive discounts and value-packed packages tend to attract more bookings. Consider a hotel that offers a “Weekend Escape” package, featuring discounted room rates, a complimentary breakfast, and a local activity voucher. It’s not just about appealing to the guest; it’s about creating a profound sense of added value for each guest.

Thus, exclusive deals make guests feel they’re reserving more than a room, it delivers them with an on-of-a-kind experience at an unbeatable price.  

5. Establish an online presence

We live in a highly digitised world, where the internet permeates every aspect of our daily lives, whether it’s the way we shop, connect with people, or book hotels.

Having an online presence is paramount as it allows the hotel to deeply connect with their target audience, receive their feedback, and improve their services accordingly, creating a more enhanced guest experience.

With a dynamic online presence, not only can hotels participate in trending activities but can also establish themselves as active members of the community, becoming alluring to more than just their customers but also new users. 

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6. Leverage peak Booking Seasons

Being a highly competitive industry, it becomes imperative for the Hospitality industry to capitalise on peak demand seasons. If you’re missing out on such opportunities it’s not only harming the reputation of the hotel but is actively tampering with its profitability.

The best way to leverage peak booking seasons is to employ revenue management which will help your hotel turn profits by accurately determining room prices based on customer demand, mitigating the possibility of any errors. With maximised hotel revenue generation, you will be able to tap into the peak demand period effectively.        

7. Ensure You are Targeting the right Audience

For every hotel targeting the right audience is extremely important, as it opens new avenues for hotels to understand their audience, and accordingly deliver them with the best possible services.

As a business-centric hotel, you can offer versatile meeting spaces with the latest technology, which will position your hotel as the go-to destination for professionals seeking a blend of work and leisure.

At the same time, if a plethora of your customers are couples, you can customise special packages, complete with indulgent offerings like cake and champagne, or collaborate with local florists for additional touches. 

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8. Email marketing and Post-Stay communication

Marketing has evolved beyond its two-dimensional approach, and emails have become an integral part of marketing campaigns. Email Marketing helps hotels build lasting relationships with customers and later encourages them to become repeat customers.

While communication during stay has always been pivotal post-stay communication via email marketing helps customers feel valued and remembered even after their stay has ended.

It not only gives the impression that you think about them but also stimulates them to book your accommodation again, creating an intricate bond. 

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9. Market your hotel and the location

Many hotels ask how they can market their hotel and location? Well, it’s certainly not complicated. All you have to do is integrate the right channels and come up with innovative marketing ideas that highlight your hotel and its picturesque location.

For instance, if your hotel is located in an adventurous outdoor backdrop, you need to market that aspect as it is your hotel’s USP. Turn their stay into a real-life adventure story by highlighting your adventure packages and showcasing the excitement that awaits guests right outside your hotel doors.

10. Build Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are the new way to attract guests, and many businesses are proactively adopting them to allure guests. Leaving no exception, the hospitality industry needs to do the same.

With loyalty programs, hotels can offer special deals and packages to their repeat customers. This will not only allow repeat customers to stay loyal towards your services but will also encourage potential guests to join your loyalty programs.

For instance, as part of the loyalty program, you can offer free amenities and restaurant services, which will help portray that you value your guests, assuring an immersive experience.       

Wrapping Up 

In the vast world of hotels, it’s not enough to just be there; you need to stand out. Beyond providing comfortable rooms and essential services, hotels that offer unique and engaging experiences are more likely to stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of potential visitors.

With the help of these unique activities, you can capture the attention of potential guests, enabling your hotel to shine bright amongst the crowd. 

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1. How can I impress my guests?

Impressing your guests as a hotel is not some fancy art, it’s all about offering more than just a place to stay. Begin by offering them tailored experiences, maybe a specially curated chef’s menu, or a care package featuring essential goodies. 

2. How to ensure that the hotel is represented well to guests?

In order to ensure that your hotel is well-presented to your guests, you need to hire top-notch staff that deliver world-class service leaving a lasting impression. Next, market your hotel in a way that it illuminates your hotel’s USPs. 

3. How do I convince a guest to stay in my hotel?

Convincing is an art that hotels can master simply by offering their guests exclusive discounts and deals. Ask them to fill out their preferences before their arrival, and then tailor the experience accordingly which will not only go beyond convincing. 

4. How to surprise and delight hotel guests?

Everyone loves surprises, as hotels that want to stand out you need to surprise guests on special occasions. For instance, if a couple is celebrating their anniversary, you can offer them a romantic in-room dining experience. 

5. What is the best welcome message for hotel guests?

The best welcome message is the one that begins delivering immaculate service from the moment a guest enters the hotel. Begin by offering tailored welcome drinks, hand-written notes, one-on-one property tours, undoubtedly makes for the best welcome message.  

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